TypeProduct/Sponsorship NamePriceQty AvailQty SoldQty PendingAscendingIs SellableIs Tradeable
Event SponsorshipArlington Business Gala : SILENT AUCTION sponsor [SOLD OUT]$2,000.00110YesNo
Event SponsorshipYoung Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) : SCHOLARSHIP sponsor$2,000.00Unlimited00YesNo
Event SponsorshipFall Golf Outing : SAND TRAP sponsor$750.00100YesNo
Event SponsorshipOther Activities : Open House Sign Sponsor sponsor [SOLD OUT]$125.00110YesNo
Event SponsorshipValor Awards : SELECT SPONSOR sponsor$3,750.00100YesNo
Event SponsorshipArlington Business Gala : VIP RECEPTION sponsor [SOLD OUT]$3,750.00110YesNo
Event SponsorshipOpportunity Works Campaign : NETWORKING RALLY sponsor$500.00300YesNo
In Kind DonationsIn Kind Donation$0.0050100YesNo
Event SponsorshipValor Awards : AWARD sponsor$2,500.00100YesNo
Event SponsorshipFall Golf Outing : HOLE SPONSORS sponsor$1,350.001810YesNo
Event SponsorshipBest Business Awards : GRAND sponsor$3,750.00100YesNo
Chamber MembershipChamber Membership (51 - 60 employess)$0.00Unlimited00YesNo
AdvertisementChamber Display : Non-Profit Small Pocket 4" x 9" $25.001000YesNo
Event SponsorshipArlington Business Gala : PATRON sponsor$550.00Unlimited100YesNo
AdvertisementThe Arlingtonian Newsletter : 1 MONTH INSERT $320.001500YesNo
Event SponsorshipFall Golf Outing : GOLF HAT VISOR UMBRELLA sponsor$2,000.00100YesNo
AdvertisementThe Arlingtonian Newsletter : NON PROFIT INSERTS $1.001500YesNo
Event SponsorshipAnnual Meeting : PATRON sponsor$275.00Unlimited70YesNo
AdvertisementThe Arlingtonian Newsletter : RECTANGLE AD 5.5" x 2.5" horizontal$220.002000YesNo
AdvertisementThe Arlingtonian Newsletter : 1/2 PAGE VERTICAL 3.75 x 10 vertical$420.001000YesNo
Chamber MembershipChamber Membership (over 101 emploees - call chamber)$0.00Unlimited00YesNo
AdvertisementThe Arlingtonian Newsletter : 3 MONTH INSERT $280.001500YesNo
Event SponsorshipScholars Cup : TROPHY sponsor$500.00100YesNo
AdvertisementWebsite Advertising : LEVEL 3 Banner $850.002010YesNo
AdvertisementChamber Display : LARGE POCKET 8 ½ x 11 vertical$80.001000YesNo
Event SponsorshipYoung Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) : YEA! INVESTOR PANEL GRAND sponsor [SOLD OUT]$2,000.00110YesNo
Chamber MembershipChamber Membership (11-20 employess)$0.00Unlimited00YesNo
Event SponsorshipFall Golf Outing : GOLF CART sponsor$2,000.00100YesNo
AdvertisementChamber Display : Non-Profit Large Pocket 8.5" x 11" $40.001000YesNo
AdvertisementThe Arlingtonian Newsletter : 1/4 PAGE 3.75 x 5 vertical$280.001000YesNo
Event SponsorshipArlington Business Gala : BENEFACTOR sponsor$1,650.00Unlimited10YesNo
AdvertisementChamber Display : SMALL POCKET 4 x 9 vertical$50.001000YesNo
AdvertisementE-Newsletter : E-News Weekly Ads - ONE Ad 637x150 pixels $100.00Unlimited10YesNo
Event SponsorshipValor Awards : PATRON sponsor$275.00Unlimited10YesNo
AdvertisementWebsite Advertising : LEVEL 2 Banner $2,000.002000YesNo
Event SponsorshipScholars Cup : Hole sponsor$175.0018140YesNo
AdvertisementE-Newsletter : E-News Banner Ad - TWICE A MONTH FOR YEAR 576x72 pixels $1,600.00Unlimited00YesNo
Event SponsorshipScholars Cup : GOLF HAT VISOR sponsor$1,000.00100YesNo
Event SponsorshipHospitality Awards : PREMIER sponsor$600.00Unlimited80YesNo
Event SponsorshipArlington Business Gala : Beverage sponsor$3,750.00100YesNo
Chamber MembershipChamber Membership (6 - 10 employess)$0.00Unlimited00YesNo
Event SponsorshipAnnual Meeting : BENEFACTOR sponsor$500.00Unlimited10YesNo
Event SponsorshipBreakfast Connection : GRAND sponsor [SOLD OUT]$2,000.00110YesNo
Event SponsorshipVolunteer Arlington Day : PREMIER sponsor$1,000.00Unlimited20YesNo
Event SponsorshipState of the County : GRAND sponsor [SOLD OUT]$2,500.00110YesNo
Event SponsorshipVolunteer Arlington Day : GRAND sponsor$2,750.00210YesNo
Event SponsorshipAnnual Meeting : PREMIER sponsor$750.00Unlimited40YesNo
Event SponsorshipOpportunity Works Campaign : GRAND sponsor [SOLD OUT]$2,500.00110YesNo
Event SponsorshipFall Golf Outing : LUNCH sponsor$2,500.00100YesNo
Event SponsorshipVolunteer Arlington Day : PATRON sponsor$275.00Unlimited10YesNo
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